Somerest vs Hampshire 

Starts on 26th July 2017 at 9.30 pm at Taunton 

Pitch Report :

Pitch is good for batting. 

Probable XI :

Somerset :

  1. J. Allenby 
  2. S. Davies/T. Banton 
  3. J. Hildreth 
  4. P. Trego 
  5. A. Hose 
  6. R. V. Der Merwe 
  7. L. Gregory 
  8. C. Anderson 
  9. C. Overton 
  10. T. Groenwald 
  11. M. Waller 

Hampshire :

  1. J. Vince 
  2. R. Rossow 
  3. T. Aslop 
  4.  G. Bailey 
  5. S. Ervine /M. Carberry
  6. L. McManus 
  7.  S. Afridi 
  8.  K. Abott
  9.  M. Crane 
  10. R. Topley 
  11. F. Edward 

Fantasy Factors :

  1. McManus is the best option for wicket keeper. 
  2. Merwe, Gregory, Anderson, Afridi are good All Rounders 
  3. Vince, Aslop, Bailey, Hildreth are good Batsmen. 

Suggested team :

Options for captain and vice captain :

  1. Aslop 
  2. Merwe 
  3. Afridi 

Options for changes :

  1. Hildreth in place of Allenby 
  2. Trego in place of Hose 
  3. Rossow in place of Afridi 

    [NB] :

    1. suggested team is only for small league, not for Grand League.

    2. If you like this team, you can copy it. You can make some changes

    3.check time to time for important News.

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