Karaikudi Kaalai vs Lyca Kovai Kings

Starts on 23rd July 2017 at 7 :15 pm, at Tirunelveli

Pitch Report :

This is a good batting pitch. Pacers and spinners both can get wicket. Expected score is 170 +

Team News :

KK :
No news


Murali Vijay is injured. 

Probable XI :

KK :

  1. S. Anirudha 
  2. M. Vijay Kumar 
  3. R. Srinivasan 
  4. S. Badrinath 
  5. R. Rajkumar 
  6. S. Lokeshwar 
  7. S. Babu 
  8. R. Sonu Yadav 
  9. C. Ganapathy 
  10. S. Sujay /M. Shajahan 
  11. S. Mohan Prasad


  1. L. Suryaprakash 
  2. B. A Sita Ram 
  3. S. T Srinivas 
  4. Vijay shankar 
  5. S. Harish Kumar 
  6. Js Mohammad 
  7. Mk Sivakumar 
  8. R. K. Rohit 
  9. M. Mohammad 
  10. K. Vignesh 
  11. B. Arun 

Fantasy Factors :

  1. This is the first match for both teams,so it is difficult to predict accurate playing XI. So, take only important players. 

Important players :

  1. Anirudha 
  2. Sita Ram
  3. Vijay Kumar 
  4. Suryaprakash 
  5. Badrinath 
  6. Js Mohammad 
  7. R. Rajkumar 
  8. Harish Kumar 
  9. Ganapathy 
  10. Prasad 
  11. M. Mahammad 
  12. Vignesh 
  13. Lokeshwar 
  14. Rohit 
  15. R. Srinivas 
  16. Siva Kumar 
  17. Vijay Shankar 

Suggested team :

Options for captain and vice captain :

  1. Badrinath 
  2. Suryaprakash 
  3. Vijay Kumar 
  4. Rajkumar 
  5. Harish Kumar 

Options for changes :

  1.  Prasath in place of Mohammad 
  2. Sonu yadav  in place of Ganapathy 

[NB] :

1. suggested team is only for small league, not for Grand League.

2. If you like this team, you can copy it. You can make some changes

3.check time to time for important News.

Only for Grand League :


  1. I can’t give you garuntee of winning. 
  2. If you like this team, then you can copy it. If you don’t like this team, then left it. Choice is yours. 

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